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MichelleDrewLooking for a comprehensive, in-depth french gourmet experience? Our Chocolate & Farmers Market Tours are from 8:50 to 11:20am, Wednesdays & Saturdays only. We start off by taking you to a renowned chocolate creator. Learn how he hand-makes top quality chocolates. Find out why he is hailed as the best artisan chocolate confiseriemaker in France. Indulge yourself with chocolate tastings. Learn the latest chocolate trends that are happening right here in Paris. Then we visit a quintessential french confiserie (candy store) for a candy talk on beloved, classic french sweets from every corner of France: from Provence to the Belgium border. Then we will visit two outstanding specialty gourmet shops.

Afterwards we will take you to an outdoor marché (farmers market) in an elegant quarter in Paris. French farmers market is a very old tradition which is still very much an integral part of everyday life. You will learn all the essentials about french market produce(cheese tasting included), and come away feeling like you have shopped at french markets all your life. 84€ (US$94)/person. 15% discount for group of 3 or more(except for June, July, September & Christmas season). To book, click on the tab “To Book” at the top of this page.




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